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Designer City: Empire Edition

Designer City: Empire Edition

1.22 by SGS - City Building Games
(0 Reviews) May 13, 2024
Designer City: Empire Edition Designer City: Empire Edition Designer City: Empire Edition Designer City: Empire Edition Designer City: Empire Edition Designer City: Empire Edition

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May 13, 2024
SGS - City Building Games
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Embark on a journey to construct a historic town that evolves into a thriving metropolis and ultimately transforms into an expansive empire spanning millennia. Immerse yourself in this free-to-play offline city-building game, devoid of wait times and restrictions!
To establish a flourishing empire in this free historical city builder, entice inhabitants by erecting houses, villas, and opulent mansions for their residence. As with any construction game, provide employment opportunities by constructing businesses and industries once they've settled in.

Erect expansive markets, libraries, educational institutions, and military structures to ensure the safety of your empire. Enhance the well-being of your citizens by introducing various amenities such as bars, restaurants, theaters, stadiums, and other entertainment facilities. Create grand sporting arenas and amphitheaters to host spectacular events. Commence with a modest Roman city and expand to include diverse civilizations, encompassing ancient Egyptian, Aztec, Byzantine, Persian, Norse, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese cultures. Unleash your creativity in this laid-back tycoon simulation game.

Empire City, a delightful casual offline city-building game, grants you absolute autonomy to design and construct your town without the hindrance of wait times. Plan and evolve your city as you desire, shaping your ideal metropolis and bringing your remarkable empire to fruition. Enjoy the game offline or online, as no internet connection is required to play Empire City.

Ensure your residents dwell in an unpolluted environment by thoughtfully zoning your city and adorning it with waterways, trees, parks, and iconic structures from ancient civilizations. Manage power and water supplies, implement effective waste removal, and cultivate the land to produce food for your city. Contented citizens will contribute to your income, empowering you to further enhance Empire City. Revel in the freedom to construct your empire according to your vision.

Note: Designer City Empire Edition is completely free to play, with some entirely optional in-game items requiring payment, such as the purchase of game currency.

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