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Valhalla - Norse Gods & Runes

Valhalla - Norse Gods & Runes

1.1.63 by A. Hadden
(0 Reviews) May 03, 2024
Valhalla - Norse Gods & Runes Valhalla - Norse Gods & Runes Valhalla - Norse Gods & Runes Valhalla - Norse Gods & Runes Valhalla - Norse Gods & Runes Valhalla - Norse Gods & Runes

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May 03, 2024
A. Hadden
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More About Valhalla - Norse Gods & Runes

Download now and increase your knowledge with Valhalla - Norse Gods & Runes. Learn the ways of the gods, explore the nine-worlds, get Valhalla+ to see how each month was celebrated with the pagan Calendar, perfect for any heathen or pagan! Increase your knowledge of runes and their meaning, and more! Valhalla+ has everything a Norse Mythology, Viking, Celtic, Germanic, or Pagan companion could need to help them understand more.
Valhalla Features:
• Havamal
• Notes (Journal)
• Yggdrasil (explore the nine-worlds)
• Gods (learn about the old gods)
• Creatures (learn about the great beasts)
• Rune Of The Day (go by your day according to your daily rune)
• Day in Norse (day of the week in Norse; Odin's Day, Thor's Day, etc.)
• Experience Points
• Search
• Runes
• Birth Runes
• Bind Runes
• Add favourites
• The Prose Edda & The Poetic Edda
• Calendar Notifications
• Themes
• Runic translator
• Meditation/Prayer
• And more!

Valhalla+ Features:
• Viking surname generator
• Calendar (view Norse, Celtic, Germanic and Viking celebrated events/months)
• Compass (spin the compass, see what you'll find!)
• Wayfinder (Vegvisir)
• Quizzes
• Text-To-Speech Support
• And more!


Learn how to read and understand the ancient and magical pagan Norse runes! With clear detailed information for each rune. Understanding Elder Futhark can also be fun and entertaining to learn. You can also view birth runes or bind runes to create different runic formulas etc.


Explore the nine-world's, learn about the god of war Týr, or discover meaningful Old Norse names, Viking names, and much more. Increase your knowledge of Midgard, Asgard, and more! Reveal your inner pagan today!


Participate and learn about viking or pagan celebrated events & season's with your new pagan Calendar! Select a date and learn about how they were celebrated or used. Germanic, Norse, and Celtic events included.


See your future and find your way through any situation through the compass. Or give it a spin for any other situation and view the outcome according to the ancient runes. There's also a working Wayfinder (Vegvisir) compass!


Gain more knowledge about paganism, Celtic, Germanic, Norse, the God's, Giants, Valkyries, and more! Perfect as a companion app for movies and games too! Understand the god's, their position, goals, roles, who the Norse gods face in Ragnarok and more.


Gain more knowledge about the Norse beasts and other races or groups. From Fenrir to Sleipnir, from Elves to Dwarfs, and more.


Translate any text into Norse runes! Simply enter or paste text and the application will translate it into the runic language (Elder Futhark, Anglo Saxon, Younger Futhark, and Ogham). Fun for sharing with pagan friends or learning how to read/write in runic. Perfect for any pagan!

Experience Points

Increase your standing relationship with the gods and earn XP by opening the app daily, learning new things, and more. See how much you can get and share it with others!


Valhalla is a limited version of Valhalla+, an old project which was unfinished and has now returned to reach it's goal; one app for everything Old Norse, Celtic, Germanic, Medieval dynasty, Viking, Pagan, Norse Mythology, Runes and more.

Valhalla is a place in Asgard belonging to the god Odin, the name Valhalla+ originated from an older version of the application years ago. Asgard is home of the gods, Odin, Loki, Thor, and others all live there. Download now to learn of Thor and his hammer Mjolnir, Loki and his tricks, runic formulas, Norse mythology, and more.

The application is still in development, if you encounter any issues please feel free to contact us via the reviews or email: [email protected]

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