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Bobatu Island: Survival Quest

Bobatu Island: Survival Quest

2024.04.3 by Mobitale Limited
(0 Reviews) May 13, 2024
Bobatu Island: Survival Quest Bobatu Island: Survival Quest Bobatu Island: Survival Quest Bobatu Island: Survival Quest Bobatu Island: Survival Quest Bobatu Island: Survival Quest

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May 13, 2024
Mobitale Limited
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More About Bobatu Island: Survival Quest

Discover the colorful world of adventures in the game "Bobatu Island". The uninhabited island hides many stories and secrets, but only to those who are not afraid to go on this journey, wise ancestors will reveal the secret of an ancient civilization.
Key features of the game "Bobatu Island":


Together with the main characters of the game, you have to cross the ocean and uncover the secret of a lost civilization. Touch the world of adventure, solve the secrets of ancient temples and stone idols and go through all the puzzles and trials to save your friend!


You are with us along the way! Amazing adventures await you at the very edge of the earth: wild beaches, rocky shores, dormant volcanoes, marshy swamps, impenetrable forests and mangrove jungles. And if you try to enter a dark cave, you will surely find a mountain of gems and meet the one who lives there.


Explore the surroundings of the island properly! Among the thickets you can see abandoned temples, majestic ruins and mysterious mechanisms. Rumor has it that they keep the secrets of a lost civilization.


You will need a fishing rod and bait to try your luck at fishing. And the most nimble and experienced natives will be able to cook their catch in the Tropical Kitchen.


Gather juicy fruits and fruits from exotic trees, plant and grow crops, and have your own animals. Set up your farming business and be ready for new adventures!


Mysterious artifacts and mythical treasures promise fame, wealth and good luck! Find out if the stories and legends that these lands keep are true!


The doors of the merchant's shop are open for travelers! Collect coins, make purchases, sell and exchange the collected resources, and decorate and develop your base on the island with the proceeds.


Build buildings and upgrade buildings to unlock new types of crafting and create even more unique resources. Build bridges and ferries to explore the most remote places of the island. To travel to the ends of the earth, build a raft, but if you want, you can make a real ship out of it.


You will find funny 2d animation, funny characters, dozens of bright locations, daily events, intuitive controls and many unique game mechanics. The game "Bobatu Island" can be played offline, but in order to save game progress and send and receive gifts to friends, you need to connect to the game server.

Surviving on the island is not an easy task, these tips will come in handy:

- Gather resources, craft tools and weapons to explore the island and develop your base.
- Meet the inhabitants of tropical islands, new acquaintances and friends will be useful to you!
- To get a big harvest, buy additional plots of land in the tropical shop.
- Farm and look for seeds of new plants to develop your garden and vegetable garden.
- Tropical cuisine is your key not to feel hungry. Build this building and learn how to cook food, drinks and other dishes.
- Don't forget to take care of the animals so that your pets bring valuable resources.
- If you install fences, your animals will be safe and predators will not be able to get to them.
- Be careful! Wild and very hungry animals can hide in the jungle!
- Be more decisive! Closed doors and stone walls are no reason to retreat! To overcome the obstacles formed, look for keys, create master keys or try to find a workaround.
- Be attentive! Bushes, palm trees, and flowers can hide something important from view!
Trust the spirits of the island! Beware of traps and use clues to solve the riddles of abandoned temples and find your missing friend.

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